MISSION: Objectivities

An evolving cross-border foundation connecting Nara,
Japan and the world

Through the Japan Authentic Heritage Initiative we seek to establish an international framework to promote our activities that enable our cultural contributions to be shared across the world with collaboration from leading experts and academics on Japan.

By disseminating the essence of tangible and intangible Japanese culture as a shared human heritage that illuminates the history of East-West exchange along the Silk Road over millennia like a beam of light, we wish to share the depth of Japan’s longstanding culture that originated in Nara.

To that end, we produce media where art is the message and disseminate this in both Japanese and English.

These comprise a wide variety of media types, including books, film pieces/photographic works, literature/documentary archives as well as exhibitions/lectures.

In addition to support and subsidies from government agencies, commissioned work from local governments, funds and subsidies from public interest corporations and foundations, we create various media through funding on a project by project basis.

We welcome experts, scholars and cultural figures from various fields as supervisors, forming a team for each project with collaboration of front-line professionals, including participating artists, creators, designers, editors, translators, etc. in close collaboration with Media Art League.

Deliverable books, films, photographic works, etc. will be presented on the Japan Authentic Heritage Initiative site and can be donated to relevant & deserving allied organisations. Concurrently, we utilise them for high-end public relations projects featuring Japanese culture; for example, through domestic and international exhibitions and lectures series whose output is accumulated in collaboration with certain Japanese diplomatic missions abroad, including: the Japan Foundation, Japan Camera Industry Institute, Nara Prefecture, etc.

In particular, published books that double as catalogue editions of world travelling exhibitions, we utilise them as public relations tools for overseas, i.e. collaborating with museums and educational/research institutes around the world. Furthermore, we plan to create new film works for the potential tie-ups with world media partners.

The goal of this initiative is to evolve into a cross-border art foundation activity that connects Nara, Japan and the world.

By doing so, we seek to connect with experts, researchers and connoisseurs of Japanese culture worldwide fostering international contributions through culture and arts.

We would appreciate it if you could join us.

Gakkō Bosatsu/Candra-prabha National Trteasure, 8th century, Tōdai-ji Temple (on the left)
Gigaku masks: Konron (on the upper right); Suiko-jū, Important Cultural Properties, 8th century, Tōdai-ji Temple (Photos by Miro Itio)