Media Art League

Media Art League is media and art centred network comprising professionals from various walks of life and cultural backgrounds including: artists, academics, editors/journalists, language professionals, curators, moviemakers, scientists, etc.

Collaborating with Japanese art foundations/governmental organisations, international museums/libraries, media & academic institutions, etc., we are involved in milestone international projects of civic and cultural merit, incl. art & cultural activities, audio-visual planning/production, borderless media & communications projects as well as educational & research activities.

Media Art League endows museums, libraries, universities, and other public institutions with visual/photographic works, publications, etc. pertaining to Japanese/Asian/Eurasian culture.

Activities & Work Content

♢Art & Culture Projects

1. Photographing & archiving World Cultural Heritage art treasures (tangible and intangible)
2. Preserving, exhibiting & donating/sharing national treasures & important cultural assets for the benefit of humankind
3. Creating cross media art work/films for international media distribution and academic/educational purposes
4. Producing diverse international exchange projects

♢Corporate Creative Projects

1. Planning & producing cross media projects including films, websites, publications, etc.
2. Producing CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects
3. Photographing art images, advertising work, portraitures, architecture, documentary, etc.
4. Producing & consulting for art/design-related projects (exhibitions, product development, logo creation, etc.)

♢Publishing & Educational Projects

1. Researching & publishing related to Japanese/Eurasian spiritual & cultural heritage
2. Publishing photographic art & essays, including related educational activities
3. Contributing features and interview articles for specialty media
4. Planning-to-Publishing book projects

♢Research & Translating Projects

1. Research projects
2. Academic translation
3. International public relations projects (for copywriting/editing/localizing)
4. Consulting (related to international communications)

Media Art League boasts a highly specialized team hailing from Japan, Europe and North America.

Our activities:
Photo/film production, art production (incl. exhibitions and cultural projects), planning & publishing, media planning & production, academic research, high-end translation & localization, international consulting, etc.
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