In the late 19th century, the Tokugawa Shogunate dispatched a delegation of Samurai later followed by the Iwakura Mission to the USA

This exhibition of 49 photographs, presented by the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII, Tokyo) and co-organized by Media Art League
(Tokyo/Toronto), seeks to inspire the ob- server with the mutual friendship of our two respective nations (USA and Japan), which endured turbulent times —before and after the Meiji Restoration— to promote understanding and peace for generations to come.

The exhibition, “The Last of the Samurai” introduces portraits of those two first Japanese diplomatic missions to the U.S. Photographs presented in this exhibition were taken by various American photographers, and show how the Japanese mission was enthusiastically welcomed in the United States.

The Samurai presented here were truly “The LAST of the SAMURAI” who, 150 years ago, spread knowledge of foreign countries and made first efforts towards the modernization of Japan. As a testament to their legacy this exhibition, from JCII’s collection, tells the story of their U.S. mission.

Official poster of “The Last of the Samurai” organized by Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII)and Media Art League.
The exhibition series were presented held at Japan Information Center Hall, Consulate of General of Japan in Chicago
as well as Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre In Toronto in 2018, commemorating the 150the Anniversary of Meiji Restoration.