Edo/Tokyo - seen through its edifices

Edo/Tokyo as experimental crossroads of “East meeting West” in architecture

Introducing 50 historical photographs from an album entitled “Assorted Japanese Sightseeing Spots”, collected by an Italian Envoy, Conte Ulisse Raffaele Barbolani, the exhibition “Edo/Tokyo - seen through its edifices” , seeks to present a lost Edo transforming into Japan’s new capital of Tokyo, providing a dramatic contrast of a wistful nostalgic longing for the old ways of “Samurai Society” with an exuberant anticipating mood towards the advent of the newly reborn and modernizing imperial Japan.

Presented by the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII, Tokyo) and Media Art League (Tokyo/Toronto), what makes this album particularly interesting is how it shows the unique architectural transformation from the Samurai Edo to the new imperial capital of Tokyo through both modification of existing Edo edifices and new construction of Western-style buildings.

The city of Edo/Tokyo itself became an experimental crossroads of “EastmeetingWest” in architecture. Theamazing photo album that contains these invaluable images was brought back to Italy after Envoy Barbolani’s mission to Japan and it was recently discovered and acquired by the Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII).

Official poster of “Edo/Tokyo -- seen through its Edifices” organized by Japan Camera Industry Institute (JCII) and Media Art League.
The exhibition was presented at Japan Information Center Hall, Consulate of General of Japan in Chicago
as well as Chicago Cultural Center in the frame of Japan Festival Chicago in 2019.